FRA’s regular overviews of migration-related fundamental rights concerns

In view of the increased numbers of refugees; asylum seekers and migrants entering the EU; FRA publishes monthly reports highlighting key developments about the fundamental rights situation of people arriving in selected EU Member States (up to 14 Member States; including AT; BG; DE; DK; EL; ES; FI FR; HU; IT; NL; PL; SE; SK). The monthly overviews are published as of January 2016 and include a focus section on a particular topic of concern each month; e.g. hate crime; unaccompanied children; family reunification; etc.

FRA published weekly overviews encompassing a period of eight weeks from September to November 2015.

From January 2016 FRA is publishing monthly updates that cover a variety of different issues; including:

  • initial registration and asylum applications; with particular attention to the situation of vulnerable people
  • criminal proceedings initiated for offences related to irregular border crossing
  • child protection
  • reception conditions for new arrivals; focusing on the situation of children and other vulnerable people
  • access to healthcare
  • public response such as rallies of support; humanitarian assistance or voluntary work
  • racist incidents such as demonstrations; online hate speech or hate crime.


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    Asylum and forced displacement

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    Migration and vulnerable groups

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Additional Info

Dataset ID overviews
Data Frequency monthly
Temporal Coverage Start 2016M01
Temporal Coverage End 2016M11
Status Active
Spatial Coverage European Union
Mode Report
Data Type statistical
Accessed On 2016-11-25

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