MACIMIDE Global Dual Citizenship Database

The MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset charts the rules that existed in near all states of the world since 1960 with regard to the loss or renunciation of citizenship after a citizen of a respective state voluntarily acquires the citizenship of another state. The central variable of the Dataset is the dualcit_cat variable. This is a categorical variable whose values may be used to interpret; in broad lines; the position of a country with regards to the expatriate dual citizenship. The dualcit_cat variable reflects what consequences the legislation and legal practice of a country attaches to the voluntary acquisition of a foreign citizenship. The value of this variable depends on a number of criteria; including whether a citizen of the reference country who voluntarily obtains a foreign citizenship automatically loses – in principle – the citizenship of the origin country; and whether a citizen of the reference country can renounce that citizenship. All data have been centrally collected and refer to specific provisions in national law. In addition; extensive use has been made of available literature (see Extended Codebook for further information about metadata and country explanations). The value assigned to dualcit_cat reflects the position of the country on the 1st of January of the reference year. Any subsequent changes in legislation will be reflected in the dualcit_cat value of the following year and included in a new version of the Dataset. (2015-12-05)

Vink; Maarten Peter; De Groot; Gerard-Rene; Luk; Ngo Chun; 2015; "MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset"; doi:10.7910/DVN/TTMZ08; Harvard Dataverse; V2; UNF:6:FS/jcjMIQHh2EZv2GnLgRw==


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Additional Info

Temporal Coverage Start 1905-05-13
Temporal Coverage End 1905-07-07
Status Active
Spatial Coverage World
Mode Database
Data Type statistical
Accessed On 2018-03-14
Category research data

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