ALFACA: Alternative Family Care

Overall: the project aims to improve reception and care for unaccompanied and separated children, by structurally increasing the quality and quantity of family reception (alternative family care) for unaccompanied and separated children

Specific: the project provides existing actors as well as actors developing alternative family care with tools for the training of professionals and practitioners that are counselling families providing alternative (family) care for unaccompanied and separated children

Project ID: JUST/2014/RCHI/AP/PROF/4000007030
From 2015-10 to 2017-04


Coordinator: Nidos , Nidos Foundation

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    Migration and vulnerable groups

    Some social groups are more exposed than others to the risks embedded in migration decisions. Women, children and ethnic minorities typically constitute the most vulnerable groups of...

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Training for professionals and practitioners; e-learning trainer package; Implement training; Disseminate the training methodology

Additional Info

Accessed On 2022-09-01
Funded / Co-funded Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme
Call Name JUST/2014/RCHI/AP/PROF

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