ADMin4ALL: Supporting active inclusion of disadvantaged migrants in Europe

Supporting active inclusion of disadvantaged migrants in Europe through development and testing of local centres for social and economic integration.

The main objective of this preparatory action is to increase the capacity of local administrations and other service providers at the local level, and in particular their front-line staff, in dealing with the multiple dimensions of long-term socio-economic inclusion of migrants and refugees at the local level. This will be done through delivery of a series of trainings and peer mentoring activities for the local authorities and both governmental and non-governmental service providers, including front-line workers dealing with the specific needs and situations of disadvantaged migrants.

Capacity-building activities will focus on providing suitable and accessible social and administrative services for migrants, as well as promoting partnership approaches to migrant integration at the local level among various public, private and non-profit stakeholders.

From 2016-03-01 to 2017-05-31


Coordinator: IOM

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