Mig-HealthCare: Strengthen Community Based Care to minimize health inequalities and improve the integration of vulnerable migrants and refugees into local communities

Mig-HealthCare will produce a roadmap to effective community based care models to improve physical and mental health care services, support the inclusion and participation of migrants and refugees in European communities and reduce health inequalities. Through the roadmap Mig-HealthCare will test implementation feasibility of community based care models in different settings and countries through pilot testing and assessment. Mig-HealthCare responds to all the current Work Program priorities and especially to the ones regarding the creation of innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems and facilitating access to better and safer healthcare services. Mig-HealthCare implements a participatory approach and recognizes differences between refugee/migrant groups and MS. The roadmap and toolbox will include guidelines and tools using ICT technology to reorient health care services to a community level. It will create networks of cooperation on all aspects that influence community health care including mental health and community integration characteristics. The project methodology is participatory and includes focus groups/interviews and surveys with all the target groups (vulnerable migrants/refugees, service providers, local community stakeholders), review of the current state of the art, collection and assessment of best practice, the development of an algorithm & prediction model, pilot implementation and creation of evidence based guidance and recommendations. Mig-HealthCare will: (1) Describe the current physical and mental health profile of vulnerable migrants/refugees including needs, expectations and capacities of service providers (2) Develop a comprehensive roadmap/toolbox for the implementation of community based care models including prediction models, best practice examples, algorithms and tailored made health and mental health materials (3) Pilot test and assess community care models and produce guidance and recommendations.

CHAFEA: 738186
From 2017-05-01 to 2020-04-30


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Funded / Co-funded 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020)
Call Name HP-PJ-2016 / PJ-01-2016: Migrants’ health: Best practices in care provision for vulnerable migrants and refugees

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